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It has been proven that children learn to swim best when they are babies. This is due to the reflexes developed within the womb, which enables them to automatically hold their breath when submerged under water; thus, building confidence. 

As your baby grows and develops, the less they use this reflex and the more they can develop a fear of water. That being said, here at MOJO’S SWIM SCHOOL, we believe it’s never too early or late to learn to swim. After all, swimming is a valuable lifelong skill that is never forgotten and saves lives.

Methods and Courses

The aim of our courses is to provide a gentle introduction to water and swimming. Lessons are held in a fun, playful manner  that your child will enjoy and you, as a parent, will feel comfortable with.

Our goal is to enable them to build confidence within the water and eventually become confident, natural swimmers with a strong sense of water safety made paramount. Throughout our swimming courses, we provide challenges with rewards that make every session more fun. We give certificates at every skill developed, encouraging children to believe in their own abilities and increase their confidence and motivation to learn more.

Children Group Swimming Lessons

From our experience, we have developed a number of different courses that work alongside the British Swimming Program/STA Throughout the program, your child will go through the following courses:

        • Babies (From 12 Weeks): Discovery Ducklings
        • Toddlers (From 1 – 3 Years Old): Ducklings
        • Children (From 3 1/2 – 5 Years Old): I Can Awards
        • Older Children (5 Years Plus): Learn to Swim Awards

Adult One to One and Group Swimming Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to swim but never taken the dive?

 Maybe you want to become more confident in the water but don't know where to start?

Look no further. MOJO’S SWIM SCHOOL can help you with all of your swimming needs and requirements. We are currently offering small adult group lessons as well as one-on-one lessons in all our area's.

 Take the plunge and contact us for further information. With a five-star rating, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Here are the benefits of booking with us,

Our range of adult sessions within Mojo's Swim School  offers a variety of physical, social and emotional benefits. We believe that being regularly active in water provides an amazing escape from the everyday stress that exists outside of the pool. Our group sessions are a great way to meet new people whilst you improving your swim skills. 

For our adult swimmers we offer :

Learn To Swim

Stroke Development

Stroke Improvement 

 At every level we employ an engaging, positive and innovative approach to ensure that you can "own your journey" whilst enjoying the best experience possible.

You might be wondering what makes our Mojo's Swim School sessions different from others and why you should give it a go?

Short answer is, our sessions are fast, fun and a full body workout! Sessions are 30mins of all out, hard as you can push effort with intervals of slow paced active recovery. The fact that our sessions are pool based means that you can push your body even harder and faster than you could in similar dry land sessions but without the impact and stress on your joints. This ensures that the class is suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

Swimming engages multiple muscle groups to get through the stroke cycle hence making our sessions the perfect workout especially if you are short on time!

Private Swimming Lessons For People With Disabilities

quality  lessons to improve your swimming skills and techniques.

Mojo's Swim School teach people of all ages and abilities every day and we teach people on a one to one level, so that you can be sure you’re getting the best individual attention. It’s the perfect way to learn to swim or start improving whether you have a disability or not, we can tailor a programme to your needs.

• Get One to One Attention for Fast Improvements

• Enjoy Swimming Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

• Get In-Water Help Where Needed

• Receive Individualised Attention

• Take Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

General Information

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

The swimming pool water at all of our venues is kept to a toasty 31/32 degrees, which is deemed the ideal temperature for babies and young children and also adult.

Fun Sessions

Our skilled instructor works with parents and all customers  to teach the fundamental swimming skills and water safety through games and songs. This is a vital step to help babies and young children/adults retain confidence in the water and further build their water skills.

Personalised Attention

Once your child is ready, they will be able to attend lessons without a parent (this does depend, however, on the individual personal development and confidence levels). In the small classes of six children, we ensure that each and every child receives all of the personal attention that they need to continue their swimming progression.

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